The Strength Of A Team Is Each Individual Member, The Strength Of Each Member Is The Team

Meet the Team

Gavin “The Bull” Bilton (Athlete)  –   View Instagram

Elite strongman athlete, 2020 UKs Strongest Man and World’s Strongest Man competitor.

We are proud to be supporting Gavin’s strongman career by fuelling him with our supplements and clothing.

Gavin is a serious contender on the world stage, we are excited to be an active part of his journey to the top!

At 6ft 6 and 350 + Lbs, our Big Dog Mass Gainer, CEE Creatine and Off The Leash has become a key part of his daily ritual.

Aaron “Bulldog” Hosking  (Athlete)

Elite powerlifting athlete, 2019 Irish Pro International winner, as well as British, European and World record holder

Aaron has competed at the highest level of powerlifting, whilst being exclusively fuelled by Strength Nutrition.

We are proud to say he has been testing and using Strength Nutrition’s supplements as part of his daily routine before they where available to the general public.

Biggest competition lifts

Squat 410 kg

Bench 305kg

Deadlift 312.5kg

Favourite Strength Nutrition Supplement – CEE

Favourite Strength Nutrition Clothing – Hoodie

Rebecca Roberts (Athlete)  –  View Instagram

Europes Strongest Woman’19 🏆💪
7th @ Worlds’19

View Rebecca on the Road to UK’s Strongest Woman.

Favourite Strength Nutrition Supplement – CEE and Big Dog Mass Gainer

Favourite Strength Nutrition Clothing – Hoodie

Ernestina Portnaja (Tina) (Athlete) – View Instagram

Trainer & Distributor Aerower International Fitness & Performance Coach

@aerowerofficial WalesUK
@strengthnutritionuk TINA10
Mam of 2 💝

Favourite Nutrition Supplement – Fat Metaboliser

Favourite Strength Nutrition Clothing – Tank Top

Tommy Ray (Co-Founder) – View Instagram

Founding director, Olympic Development Squad sailor, and passionate strength athlete.

Tommy created Strength Nutrition following years of both academic study in sports nutrition and a highly competitive career in Olympic class sailing.

He holds several National titles and podiums in multiple sailing classes, but in recent years has immersed himself in Strength Sport and the key Nutrition around it.

As a Type 1 Diabetic, he has a 24 hour a day job, balancing his own body to aid recovery and performance… Hence his passion for “Strength Nutrition” quite literally, never sleeps!

Favourite Strength Nutrition Supplement – Anabolic Test Booster

Favourite Strength Nutrition Clothing – Tank Top

Rocco (Strength Nutrition Dog)

Always welcoming, barks at his own shadow and is often startled by his own flatulence!

Rocco patrols the Strength facility snorting at members that aren’t performing exercises to his exacting standards whilst ensuring each and every visitor pets him.

Rocco is a gym’s best friend, and a great ice breaker for new members and customers alike.

Favourite Strength Nutrition supplement – Anything I’m in the picture of

Favourite Strength Nutrition Clothing – Also anything I’m in the picture of

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